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Pearson & Crews publish Developmental Biology paper

May 20, 2014

Joe Pearson and Stephen Crews published an article in the journal Developmental Biology entitled “Enhancer diversity and the control of a simple pattern of Drosophila CNS midline cell expression”. Congratulations to Joe. This paper examines the structure and function of … Read more

Pearson & Crews co-author paper in Development

April 14, 2014

Joe Pearson and Stephen Crews are co-authors on a collaborative study with the labs of Chris Doe (HHMI/Oregon), Hanchuan Peng (HHMI/JRC), and Eugene Myers (HHMI/JRC) entitled “Atlas-builder software and the eNeuro atlas: resources for developmental biology and neuroscience” and published … Read more

Pearson, Crews published in journal Bioinformatics

July 5, 2013

The paper by Pearson and Crews “Twine: display and analysis of cis-regulatory modules” was published in the journal Bioinformatics. This paper describes a computer program created by Joe Pearson for displaying and analyzing gene enhancers or cis-regulatory modules. This program … Read more

Manning et al. published in Cell Reports

November 3, 2012

The paper by Manning et al. “A resource for manipulating gene expression and analyzing cis-regulatory modules in the Drosophila CNS” was published in Cell Reports. This paper was a collaboration with the labs of Chris Doe (Oregon/HHMI) and Gerry Rubin … Read more

Fontana, Crews published in Developmental Biology

October 7, 2012

The article “Transcriptome analysis of Drosophila CNS midline cells reveals diverse peptidergic properties and a role for castor in neuronal differentiation” by Joe Fontana and Stephen Crews was published in Developmental Biology and was selected as the cover article. This … Read more

Watson, Crews published in Development

August 4, 2012

The article “Formation and specification of a Drosophila dopaminergic precursor cell” by Joseph Watson and Stephen Crews was published in Development.

Pearson et al. published in Developmental Biology

May 5, 2012

The article “Drosophila melanogaster Zelda and Single-minded collaborate to regulate an evolutionarily dynamic CNS midline cell enhancer” by Pearson et al. was published in Developmental Biology. Authors are Joe Pearson, Joseph Watson, and Stephen Crews.

Freer et al. published in Gene Expression Patterns

October 7, 2011

The article “Molecular and functional analysis of Drosophila single-minded larval central brain expression” by Freer et al. was published in Gene Expression Patterns. Stephanie Freer and Daniel Lau are co-first authors.

Stagg et al. published in Development

May 5, 2011

The article “Dual role for Drosophila lethal of scute in CNS midline precursor formation and dopaminergic neuron and motoneuron cell fate” by Stagg et al. was published in Development.