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Michael Artov joins lab this summer

May 15, 2015

Michael Artov, UNC undergrad, is carrying-out undergraduate research this summer as part of the UNC SMART program. Michael is working on the control of dopaminergic neuron differentiation.

Welcome Zhou to the lab

August 14, 2013

The lab welcomes a new postdoctoral research fellow, Yizhuo Zhou. Yizhuo recently was awarded her PhD in Cell Biology from the Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences. Yizhuo’s graduate work involved the role of Nanog in suppressing cell migration.

Welcome Balaban to the lab

May 3, 2012

Alexandra “Tally” Balaban joined the lab as a research technician. Tally graduated from Duke University with a BS in Mathematics and Computational Biology.

Welcome Fontana to the lab

April 19, 2010

Joseph Fontana joins the lab as a new postdoctoral fellow. Joe carried-out his graduate work with Jim Posakony at UCSD.

Welcome Watson to the lab

November 1, 2008

Postdoc, Joseph Watson, joins the lab. Joseph was a graduate student with David Miller at Vanderbilt working on C. elegans neurobiology.

Welcome Yao to the lab

May 12, 2008

Postdoc, Hsin-Lei Yao joins the lab. Hsin-Lei received his PhD from UNC.

Welcome Pearson to the lab

July 1, 2007

Joe Pearson from UCSD joins the lab as a postdoctoral researcher. Joe is awarded an NIH-funded fellowship by the UNC Developmental Biology Training Program.