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Crews, Pearson publish autoregulation during development primer

April 5, 2009

Don’t know much about the role of transcriptional autoregulation during development? No need to remain in the dark any longer. Steve Crews and Joe Pearson published a Primer on this subject in Current Biology. Transcriptional autoregulation during development

MidExDB, Drosophila CNS Midline Gene Expression Database now available

March 16, 2009

MidExDB, Drosophila CNS Midline Gene Expression Database, is available on the Home page of our website. This searchable database contains images and expression information regarding 286 midline-expressed genes. There are also primers describing midline cell types and midline cell development.

Wheeler et al. published in Development

March 9, 2009

Paper by Scott Wheeler et al. on Neurexin IV and Wrapper mediating midline glia-neuron adhesion was published in Development. This work was a collaboration between our lab and the UNC labs of Manzoor Bhat and Steve Rogers. Neurexin IV and … Read more

Welcome Watson to the lab

November 1, 2008

Postdoc, Joseph Watson, joins the lab. Joseph was a graduate student with David Miller at Vanderbilt working on C. elegans neurobiology.

Wheeler, Stagg published in Development

June 5, 2008

Paper by Scott Wheeler and Stephanie Stagg on the role of Notch signaling in midline cell development was published in Development. Multiple Notch signaling events control Drosophila CNS midline neurogenesis, gliogenesis and neuronal identity

Oh working at Massachusetts General Hospital

May 17, 2008

Former undergrad, James Oh, is now working as a research tech in the labs of Joy Wu and Sean Wu at Massachusetts General Hospital. The work involves the use of embryonic stem cells in studying bone and cardiovascular system development.

Hoadley heads to UNC-W grad school

May 16, 2008

Former undergraduate, Kenneth Hoadley, currently in Utila, Honduras will begin graduate school at UNC-Wilmington this fall to study marine biology.

Guardiola to join Angelo State U

May 15, 2008

Postdoctoral fellow, Amaris Guardiola, will join the Biology Department at Angelo State University (San Angelo, TX) as an Assistant Professor this fall.