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Watson et al. published in Development

March 2, 2011

Article by Watson et al. entitled “Drosophila hedgehog signaling and engrailed–runt mutual repression direct midline glia to alternative ensheathing and non-ensheathing fates” was published in Development. Drosophila hedgehog signaling and engrailed–runt mutual repression direct midline glia to alternative ensheathing and … Continued

Cook honored in Carolina’s 20-Year Society ceremony

April 22, 2010

In a banquet ceremony at the Carolina Inn, Diane Cook, lab Research Technician, was presented with a plaque and hearty handshake from Chancellor Thorp for becoming a member of Carolina’s 20-Year Society. Congratulations and thanks to Diane for her 20 … Continued

Welcome Fontana to the lab

April 19, 2010

Joseph Fontana joins the lab as a new postdoctoral fellow. Joe carried-out his graduate work with Jim Posakony at UCSD.

Stagg successfully defends thesis

April 7, 2010

Stephanie Stagg, graduate student, successfully defended her PhD thesis “Transcriptional Regulation of Drosophila Neural Development”. Congratulations to Stephanie for an outstanding thesis.

Wheeler et al. published in BMC Developmental Biology

November 18, 2009

Publication by Wheeler et al. describing MidExDB, the CNS Midline Cell Gene Expression Database was published in BMC Developmental Biology. MidExDB: A database of Drosophila CNS midline cell gene expression.

Jiang headed to Oakland U.

June 18, 2009

Postdoc, Lan Jiang, has accepted a position as Assistant Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan. Congratulations to Lan, who will be starting her position in September.

Lau successfully defends thesis

May 13, 2009

Dan Lau, graduate student, successfully defended his PhD thesis, and is now Dr. Lau. His thesis dealt with how the single-minded gene controls Drosophila brain interhemispheric connectivity. Congratulations to Dan.

Yao Headed to National Health Research Institutes in Taiwan

April 30, 2009

Postdoctoral fellow, Hsin-Lei Yao, has accepted a research position in the lab of Dr. Lu-Hai Wang. Dr. Wang is Director of the Division of Molecular and Genomic Medicine at the National Health Research Institutes in Taiwan.

Crews, Pearson publish autoregulation during development primer

April 5, 2009

Don’t know much about the role of transcriptional autoregulation during development? No need to remain in the dark any longer. Steve Crews and Joe Pearson published a Primer on this subject in Current Biology. Transcriptional autoregulation during development