Drosophila Developmental Neuroscience and Gene Regulation

The long-term goal of our lab’s research program has been to understand the molecular basis of Drosophila CNS development. The experimental system we studied were the neurons and glia that reside along the midline of the embryonic CNS. Much of our early work studied the Drosophila single-minded bHLH-PAS transcription factor gene, the master regulator of CNS midline cell development. In recent years, we utilized genetic, molecular, genomic, and cellular approaches, including live imaging, to pioneer understanding of Drosophila CNS midline cell development. Our studies revealed the regulatory circuitry controlling neuronal and glial cell fate and differentiation, the properties of midline transcriptional enhancer elements, the control of neuronal and glial cell migration, and how axons and glia interact.


Bob Franks Appointed as Head of Plant and Microbial Biology at NC State

Bob Franks, former Crews lab graduate student and now Professor, was appointed head of the Department of Plant and Microbial Biology at North Carolina State University. Bob’s lab carries out research on plant development.

Trevor Parton Accepted to UNC Medical School

Trevor Parton, ex-lab undergraduate, was accepted as a medical student at UNC this year. In the lab, Trevor worked alongside postdoc, Joe Fontana, and carried-out outstanding work on the molecular control of neuronal differentiation. Congratulations and good luck.

Satish Gopal is UNC Commencement Speaker

Ex-Crews lab undergraduate researcher, Satish Gopal MD, MPH, is the 2017 UNC Winter Commencement speaker. Satish is an Associate Professor at UNC School of Medicine and Cancer Program Director for UNC Project-Malawi.

Crews and McKay Labs Awarded New Joint Grant

Our labs were awarded a joint grant from the Integrative Program in Biological and Genome Sciences to optimize genomic techniques for studying transcription factor binding using small numbers of cells.