Drosophila Developmental Neuroscience and Gene Regulation

The long-term goal of our lab’s research program is to understand the molecular basis of Drosophila CNS development. The experimental system we study are the neurons and glia that reside along the midline of the embryonic CNS. Much of our early work studied the Drosophila single-minded bHLH-PAS transcription factor gene, the master regulator of CNS midline cell development, and the lab continues to devote special attention to how transcription factors control developmental processes. In recent years, we have utilized genetic, molecular, genomic, and cellular approaches, including live imaging, to pioneer understanding of Drosophila CNS midline cell development. Our studies have revealed the regulatory circuitry controlling neuronal and glial cell fate and differentiation, the properties of midline transcriptional enhancer elements, the control of neuronal and glial cell migration, how axons and glia interact, and how motoneurons form precise synapses on muscles.


Lan Jiang is Awarded Tenure

Lan Jiang, ex-Crews lab postdoc, was awarded tenure in the Department of Biological Sciences at Oakland University, MI. Congratulations to Professor Jiang.

Yizhuo Zhou to Work on Cell Cycle Dynamics

Yizhuo Zhou, ex-Crews lab postdoc, is now carrying-out research on human cell cycle dynamics in the labs of Jean Cook and Jeremy Purvis in the Departments of Biochemistry & Biophysics and Genetics at UNC. Best wishes to Yizhuo.

Joseph Pearson Takes Position at Omicsoft

Joseph Pearson, ex-Research Assistant Professor in the lab, has taken a position with Omicsoft, a bioinformatics company based in Cary, NC. Congratulations to Joe.

Michael Artov presents summer research

Michael Artov expertly presented his summer research at the UNC SMART Student Symposium on 7-17-15. Michael’s research mentor this summer was lab postdoc, Nicole Umberger. Results of Michael’s work on the genetic control of dopaminergic neuronal differentiation looks very promising … Continued